Random Acts of Violins created by karma5 15 years ago

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First, I'm in no way condoning violence with violins...

This song is just me trying new things. I'm not even sure what genre this falls into, but it is what it is

= )

**History of the Song: This song used to be a different theme and completely different arrangement that I was unsatisfied with. But I got another idea in my head for a song/theme, so I changed it up, added a few drum beats and cool-sounding rhythms, and this is what came of it. The change in idea actually came when I got an idea for the song title, which is a play on the term "random acts of violence" (and is why the song starts the way it does and has a bit of a darker under-lying tone to the rhythm). The violence/violins thing sounded clever enough, and I had the original song with a bunch of string instruments in it, so I worked it all out to fit the idea. And the attack rhythm string that is constantly heard sounded as if it was "talking" for some reason, almost like a conscience; it's hard to explain, but that's what I hear and to me it all just fit together.**

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