A Bit of Flare created by karma5 16 years ago

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I use to have a song called "Triumphant" a looong time ago, but I deleted it soon after cuz it was missing something. It has now been revamped into this, a bit of flair--and flare--from yours truly!...


= )

**History of the Song: The song 'Triumphant' I originally posted had a similar vibe to this. I was going for an ethnic, ancient Asian sort of style, but that song never really lived up to what I had invisioned in my mind, so I deleted it. I came back to it once I had a bit of MS experience under my belt, revamping the original idea with some new details and arrangements. Hearing the 'kung-fu' drum inspired me to make 'Flare' and once I heard it with the 'cozy old pad' I knew I could work something out that captured my original idea. It also gave me a chance to work with one of the ethnic instruments, the sitar, which, along with the flute, strings and tribal drums, helped enhance that 'old world' feel mixed with a bit of modern details. It's my typical big, over-produced style, but that's how my mind and ears like to roll sometimes!**

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