The Sweet Embrace Of Suicide. created by Reks 8 years ago

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Genre: Ballad Mood: Sad/Melancholic Theme: Other

This song is dedicated to all who have ever been wounded in the matters of the heart. It's hard to love, especially when we are betrayed by those we hold dear. Far too many times I have faced heartache, I have had many times in my short life when I felt the cruel thoughts of suicide. I reached a point where I felt absolutely alone, where I felt worthless and meaningless to everyone...

Despite how untrue I knew these thoughts to be, I tried to drown myself in the local river. If my two best friends had not shown up to stop me and physically pull me out of the river, I would have succeeded. Fast forward a few years and once again I fell into a deep depression. I was growing herbs at the time and had succeeded in growing nightshade. The plant came to berry and I prepared a poisoned oil mix. My plan was to consume the mix on Valentine's Day, the second loneliest day of the year for me. In my final hours I felt relieved that the pain of this life may soon be over.

I was foiled when my dear mother came to check on me, she said she felt something was wrong and merely wanted to express her love for me. I never drank the poison, how could I? How could I selfishly inflict harm on those around me I still loved so dearly?

The things one feels before the actual act of Suicide are relieving. It is easy to give up, it is so easy to allow yourself to slip into the sweet embrace of darkness. But this life was never meant to be easy. If you tell yourself "The world is better off without me..." STOP. That is completely untrue and you know it. There is something unique about you that you bring to this world that no one else can possibly bring.

I know the despair, I know it all first hand. The pain of loss, the pain of betrayal, the pain of being alone, time after time. I know how you feel. You feel like everything is your fault? You feel like you are the cause of the problems? That's not true. We deserve so much more that we ever receive. Whatever you feel, loss, depression, pain, heartache, know that there is someone who knows how you feel and will be there for you. Do not give into the sweet embrace of Suicide, for it is nothing more than a lie. Life is hard, living and loving are hard, but you are never truly alone.

This song is dedicated to the lost, the lonely, the depressed, the heart broken, and anyone who has ever been in darkness and Chosen to Survive.

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Oct 17 2016