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The doctors said that there wasn’t much time.
But to the ponies of ponyville, there was no time at all.
She was a bouncing pink pony, with a rainbow for a partner in crime.
But the fun was brought to sad end, as the pink party pony’s health started to fall.
It started as a twitch, as it always does.
But as the days went by,
Pinkie Pie began to cry.
Separated from the things she loved.
The pranks continued, games were played.
But not a single cupcake was made that day.
The pink mare had grown sick, sicker than most.
The fact was that she was now, just a ghost.
The sugary treats that filled her with glee,
No longer could she eat them happily.
She gave up the fight, she was no longer baking.
Rainbow dash found the insulin not taken.
The pink party pony was no more,
The streamers were no longer laid out on the floor.
Party hats were replaced, ponies all dressed in black.
The party gifts and favours, guests started to pack.
A party for pinkie, may her soul finally rest.
But rainbow dash knew, it had all been in jest.
The party pony died, as laughter did too.
But sooner or later, so will you.
Pinkie pie came to terms with death that day.
Her happiness seemed so very far away.
The elements were now one short it seemed,
But sadly for them, it wont all be just a dream.
The sadness will take its toll on the five.
For soon every one of them will no longer be alive.
Times will changes, scores will be set.
We all die, is my best bet.
With all the energy the party pony could muster,
She left her five remaining friends in a fluster.
Off to join little spikey in the sky.
To the pink pony’s surprise, she could finally fly.
Sunrise, sunset, its all the same.
Moonrise, moonset,
its all a bucking game.
By: The Drifting Bard Drifting Bard

This is my first song to my album: Last song for Equestria

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