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After I dedicated a song to Dante, i decided to do the same for his twin brother. :D

I love Vergils character in DmC, but in the end he disappointed me a little bit.


After Dante and Vergil have saved the world from Mundus, Vergil decides to rule the world on his own. The gates to the other world are broken and the demons wander the earth now.

Vergil: "Limbo has collapsed into the real world. What was once hidden is now laid bare for all to see. Revolution is in the air."

Dante: "The beginning of the end of the demons. Mankind will be free."

Vergil: "Yes. Free from the demons, the path is clear for us to rule."

Dante: "You mean - like Mundus?"

Vergil: "No ... No, we will be nothing like Mundus. We'll respect our subjects, not enslave them."

But Dante does not agree und so they begin to fight. At the end, Dante wins, but spared his brother and Vergil disappears.

If you want to see the whole dialogue and the fight scene, watch this:


I knew that Virgil is the "evil twin" from the other games. But in this game, he was so nice and he and his brother were a good team.
I'm a little sad, that they will never be the same. But anyway ... Vergil is cool and i love him. :P

So, i hope you'll like this song :)

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