The King Of Iron Fist Tournament created by rellkid 12 years ago

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Genre: Classical/New Age Mood: Happy/Excited Theme: Movie Lili Trailer Asuka Trailer Alisa Trailer Xiaoyu Trailer Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Trailer!

P.S This was very hard! I really prefer for you to listen to each characters songs. Only if you want. ( But you probably will/or not get why the song changes ) Each Different character haves their own theme song. First one is Asuka's, Then Lili's, Then Alisa's, and Xiaoyu's. (Xiaoyu might sound different because it was a different tempo, so I tried to make it similar) Some of those videos is where I got the ideas for the song from. Hope you enjoy and get ready for the next battle!!!

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Apr 08 2013
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