Hypnotized [Club Mix] created by DJ Galaxy 10 years ago

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Genre: Dance/Disco Mood: Running/Wild Theme: Other
[Fast Rhythm] Urgent Vibraphone
[Fast Rhythm] Uneasy Amped Wah Guitar
[2x Fast] Psychedelic
[Effect] Pipe Down DJ!
[Melody] Dreary Tenor Saxophone
[Rhythm] Tense String
[Counter Melody] Holy Church Bell

This is my song for the ShakeJam competition. Hypnotized is a heavy and colorful dance track made up of a vibraphone, wah guitar, two drum sets, a saxophone, strings, and a DJ. I believe it's my best song yet. ^^Feedback is appreciated!Looking for great music on musicshake? Try "Factory" by theory, a really cool collaboration between two old musicshake members. They have a really great sound, so check 'em out!~DJ Galaxy

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