Murder at the beach created by eliphia 11 years ago

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Genre: Classical/New Age Mood: Alone/Lonely Theme: Movie

Man looks up at the sunset; phone rings. "Hello?" a women picked up. His heart skipped a beat. "Jane," he said softy. "Where are you?" she asked quickly. The man reached into his left pocket- pulling out a ring. "Meet me at the beach." he said as he hanged up; still looking at the ring. "Ain't that cute," a deep voice came from behind him; pushing him to the floor and grabbing the ring. "Give that back!" he yelled and got up, chasing him. Suddenly- his body felt strange; warm oozing feeling on his chest. He turned around and saw a man with a gun. "No... Jane is coming over here..." he mumbled as he fell to his knees.

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