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Its been awhile since Ive done a series of Instramentals with all my raps and stuff...and if you havent noticed, I AM taking a break from rapping for awhile (gots no inspiration again) so Im just working on Instramentals for a new Bandcamp Album I'll be working on whenever

I1 is one of these songs where I did something special, I took 1 loop from each category on page 1 and tried to make the best song I could (because usually when you hear a great song it requires more than 1 Synth, Guitar, etc.) and in fact - I challenge anyone who listens to this song try to remix THIS song and try to make something better (I know, not much of a challenge huh?) the rules are: You may ONLY USE THE INSTRAMENTS FROM THE ORIGINAL! Do not add or subtract instraments but you may make it any length you feel comfortable using. The Winner will get a shoutout in the album with a link to there MusicShake.

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