Carrion (revised) created by shm_kadaj 8 years ago

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Genre: Rock/Metal Mood: Longing/Anticipating Theme: Other
[Effect] Arghh!
[2x Fast] Open The Door!
[2x Fast] Basket Ball
[Complicated] Moog Bass 1
[Chord Harmony] Gloomy Warm Pad String
[Counter Melody] Fascinated String
[Chord Harmony] Gloomy Dark String
[Melody] Languid Tremolo Guitar
[Rhythm] Strong Distortion Guitar
[Rhythm] Sophisticated Muted Guitar
[Melody] Serious Distortion Guitar

After listening to it again, I didn't think the other version fit in the series (Raven, Jackdaw, Carrion and a new one, Corvus).

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