When She Looks At Me (Lyric) created by LeoSTAR 12 years ago

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Genre: Pop Mood: Love/Romantic Theme: Valentine

I'm in love, and I make this song for people in love!!!.

This song has 16 tracks. I can divide this song into 3 parts--first part is a soft melody with piano, acoustic guitar and soft vocal, then the second part is kind of interesting that I put the violin, which work very perfect together; for the last part, there's a big role there....expressing the highest tune and feeling.

Working with the lyric was very stressful! First obstacle is that (and I think this happen to anyone else), I cannot adjust the volume such that fade in or fade out for the individual part, that means the transition between the parts of the lyric are kind of cranky. Second thing is that the tune in the lyric (MS provides) does not work well for the intro, some I found that too quick or too strong

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Feb 28 2011
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