Favorite genre

Rock/Metal, Dance/Disco, Pop, Classical/New Age

Favorite artists

3 Doors Down, Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park, Nickelback, Three Days Grace, Bullet For My Valentine, Puddle of Mudd,Boys Like Girls, Creed, Crossfade, Crush 40, Fall Out Boy, Utada Hikaru, LifeHouse, Akira Kosemura and Black GryphOn Baasik, video game

About me

My interests are drawing, reading, writing, playing video games, making fan fictions, slender man, and PONIES! In love with the animes: Naruto, Gurren Lagan, Black Lagoon, One Piece, Bobobobo-bobo-bo, Soul Eater, Bleach (Arrancar Saga), Free, Nuro: Rise of the Yokai, Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, Gundam, Sailor Moon, Blue Submarine, Dragon Ball Z, Tenchi Muyo, Yu Yu Hakasho, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon. ( there is a lot more)

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