Favorite genre

Hiphop, Rock/Metal, R&B, Electronic/Techno, Jazz, Latin, Other

Favorite artists

Jose A. Corchado, Eduardo Corchado, Fermin Santiago, Edgar Joel, Anthony Colon, Victor Manuelle, Marc Anthony, Johnny Rivera, Andy Guzman, Sergio George, Vinny Urrutia, Swizz Beatz & DJ Khaled

About me

Born on February 15, 1986 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to two young Puerto Rican parents, his Father Jose Alberto and Mother’s name is Annette. Jnam being the youngest too three older sisters involved in his life which whom their names are Nannette, Rosa and Nereida. Jnam always showed interest in music as a child he would follow his father around because his father is also a musician. His father, which played in local places in the city of Brotherly Love and other states as well. That is how Jnam had learned the basics of music. When Jnam had been enrolled in Roberto Clemente Middle School in Philadelphia, he had tried to learn how to play the trombone but that did not work. He started learning how to produce music and engineer. Jnam had met the rap group called Eternal Eclypse. The rap group was doing well they were recording their album when they decided to go their separate ways because they grew apart from one another. It was while hanging with Eternal Eclypse, he started to write a few rhymes but it was not anything major but eventually he got use to it. On June 15 2005, he completed the High School Curriculum. He graduated from Thomas Edison High School. Jnam, Is no artist he has been strictly producing music since the age of 13. He comes on songs to record but rarely does. He has produced and engineered some of Philadelphia's local artists and musicians names such as J.Scalez, Yung Scalor, Jalls and many more.

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