Posotron D

Favorite genre

Electronic/Techno, Jazz, Classical/New Age, Other

Favorite artists

Soichi Terrada (Ape Escape song creator), Hideki Naganuma (JSFR music producer), Jun chiki chikuma (Bomberman music producer), Aphex Twin, Fatboy Slim, L.E.D., Slake, Tsukasa

About me

Hi, I really enjoy musicshake because it's fun and easy to use.
I enjoy listening and creating, electronic and ambient music.
I would like to create music and sounds for games and film.
I'm studying to become an audio engineer. I also like motion 3D graphics as well.

I create music outside of musicshake as well. Here's a link.
I'll always try to rate and review your songs. Thanks for lookin' at my profile pate. :)

(Other names:) DC17, race1, Dreamcube017

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