Latin Orchestra created by Chemoshep 9 years ago

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Genre: Latin Mood: Warm/Comforting Theme: Valentine
[Chord Harmony] 4 Dimensional Warm Pad Synth
[Melody] Heart Broken Violin
[Melody] Sad Soft Accordion
[Groove] Comfortable Bed
[Fast Rhythm] Intense Concert Piano
[Rhythm] Psychedelic Synth Piano
[Melody] Dreary Bell
[Arpeggio] Fairy-Tale-Like Charming Bell
[Rhythm] Warm Acoustic Guitar 1
[Melody] Serious Tenor Saxophoneophone
[Counter Melody] Distant Sign Lead
[Complicated] Contra Bass 4
[Up Tempo] Prim Girl
[Harmony Counter Melody] Cheerful Wood Wind Quartet

Another song With Latin... totally opposite from my very recent and previous song :) this one has a whole ton of instruments i hope you enjoy my blood sweat and tears XD

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