Vast, Vast Lands created by Bitters 9 years ago

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Genre: Electronic/Techno Mood: Cool/Refreshing Theme: Get Well
[Effect] Death Match
[Simple Long Tone] Moog Bass 1
[Melody] Lonely Harp
[Chord Harmony] Hollow Attack Synth
[Chord Harmony] Lonely Low Soft Pad
[Normal Short Tone] Electric Bass 1
[Complicated] Synth Bass 2
[Chord Harmony] Cozy Old Pad
[Chord Harmony] Careful Soft Pad 1
[Arpeggio] Sophisticated Modern E.P
[Melody] Cruel Synth Echoed Trumpet
[Melody] Appealing Synth Lead
[Arpeggio] Warm Acoustic Guitar
[Sustained] Gloomy Electric Guitar

This is the hidden valley in the back of my mind, I call it

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