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Man ever since i was a child.
I've been stupid as fuck kinda wild.
All the simplest things gettin me riled.
I can't count the ammount of times i've been pissed off but i smiled.

Cuz I can't let these stupid motherfuckera get to my head.
I got way too many secrets buried in my shed.
by 13 i'd quit all sports.
cuz i liked smokin bud droppin hits n all sorts.
since i was a teen all day i packed bowls.
since i was a teen i made my own payroll.
and since i was a teen i've had troubles with my mind.
the shit wasn't alligned somethin behind entwined my mind was confined my mind was blind should i rewind? just tryin to be kind. but FINE. fuck it.
i feel stuck.
im pushin my luck.
it sucks.
it's like everything stopped.
tried to stand up and i dropped.
three times now i've been popped.

my whole life i've felt like i failed.
i feel like its just me and everyone bailed.
i guess.
but im not like the rest
gimme the test.
i got nobody to impress.
i care only about my success.
i cut out all the stress.
man fuck yall i do my best.
deal with it everyday is reccess.

but i like to freestyle.
thats what makes me smile.
so let all the shit get compiled.
somethings wrong eith my brain been for awhile.
man im in denial.
gotta pill for that what isle?
idk why i guess thats just me
so shut the fuck up
and let me be me
stupid motherfuckers cant see

/CrAzY VoIcE/

I'm on the freeway only doin 30
bitch in the next lane lookin kinda dirty.
she looks at me and smiles kinda flirty.
in so many ways im kinda sorta nerdy.
but im fucking rock sturdy

so talk more shit i'll make you retire.
rip yoour tongue out with my dads pliers
start passin out flyers
5$ any buyers?

when im done toss you in the fireplace
you worthless ass piece of shit motherfucker are a waste
thats what i was told by my dad
but i felt nothing hella sure not sad
kinda fuckin glad
you shoulda seen the piece of shit father i had.
but he changed kinda over night
stepped out his shell. into the light and lost all fright
all sorts of visions in my motherfucking site
i just motherfuckin might
have motherfuckin died
from all the shit that he motherfuckin tried

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