Me and Mine created by nintendo_wii94 10 years ago

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Genre: Pop Mood: Light/Bright Theme: Other
[Fast Rhythm] Profound Acoustic Guitar
[Attack Rhythm] Serious Spiccato String
[Melody] Relaxing Alto Saxophone
[Rhythm Theme] Easy Big Brass
[Counter Melody] Fascinated String
[Rhythm] Serious Spiccato String
[Attack Rhythm] Desolate Voice Pad
[Rhythm Theme] Magnificent Horn Ensemble
[Counter Melody] Grand Trumpet Ensemble
[Groove] Tonight

For this song, I was inspired by "Last Night" by Vanessa Hudgens (from the CD: Identified), and "Secrets" by Jordan Pruitt (from the CD: Permission to Fly). Both of those songs have an old school feel to them, and when I heard the beat, I knew I had to make an old school song. I'm really proud of this one. I hope you enjoy! Comment and rate!

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