The Hero Returns (edited) created by Ghostninja 6 years ago

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Genre: Classical/New Age Mood: Happy/Excited Theme: Animation
[Harmony Counter Melody] Relaxing String Quartet
[Rhythm] Sophisticated String
[Chord Harmony] Mild Filtered Pad
[Chord Harmony] Cozy Old Pad
[Percussive] Local Ceremony
[Percussive] Returned Of Hero
[Rhythm Theme] Easy Big Brass
[Real] Groove Mania
[Chord Voicing] Peaceful Piano
[Attack Rhythm] Defiant Spiccato String
[Harmony Counter Melody] Dreary String
[Rhythm] Passionate Piano
[Melody] Tragic Nylon Guitar
[Counter Melody] Gloomy Warm Pad String 2
[Attack Rhythm] Dynamic Spiccato String

A remake of my previous song :D
(i delete other song) :(
BATTLE IF....YOU........DARE!!!
...just kidding go ahead...battle :D

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