can u hear me? created by brandonj1914 3 years ago

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Genre: Classical/New Age Mood: Light/Bright Theme: Animation
[Arpeggio] Cozy Acoustic Guitar
[Arpeggio] Nostalgic Acoustic Guitar
[Arpeggio] Lyrical Grand Piano
[Counter Melody] Nostalgic Flute 1
[Attack Rhythm] Strong Spiccato String 1
[Chord Harmony] Careful Soft Pad 1
[Counter Melody] Grand Horn
[Arpeggio] Lucid String E.P
[Melody] Calm Flute
[Attack Rhythm] Simple String

woooooo,"what now?" i cant hear anything0_0 amazing,"sometimes your stupidity even surprises me-_-." mister that's a mean thingy to say0_0,"says the dummy with the white shirt>.>." Your a...poopy head>:(
this song is dedicated to leppy loves ma poo!!!!!

LOL Some random chatter of me talking to myself XD!!

Genre: Hiphop Mood: Light/Bright Theme: Animation
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