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Genre: Rock/Metal Mood: Sad/Melancholic Theme: Other
[Real] Restless Mood
[Complicated] Electric Bass 8
[Rhythm] Gloomy Distortion Guitar
[Effect] Dungeon
[Melody] Urgent Electric Guitar
[Melody] Serious Sign Lead
[Rhythm] Sophisticated Muted Guitar
[Counter Melody] Dreary Soft Lead
[Rhythm] Intense Distortion Guitar
[Rhythm Theme] Sly Rezo Lead

so yeah. it's been another long while since i've posted one. but now i have this one up. yes. and to let EVERYONE know. my guitar broke, so i need to get it fixed. so i'm sorry, but you'll have to wait to here some more of my so called sick beats. XP anyway. i was going for a real disturbing, dark, and heavy feel for this one. something that REALLY deserves to be reviewed by a band like mudvayne. i mean alot of these contest songs aren't even rock, nor close to it. so seeing as though mudvayne would much rather a metal song, i've made one. it took alot of experimenting, but it's done. and i personally think it sounds great. and one more thing. i dedicate this song to two more people besides mudvayne. my main man TsukuyomiHisoka a.k.a Double D. XD and to my man Upman. who is possibly leaving soon. don't go man. we'll miss you. anyway. enjoi. and tell me what you think of my sketch.

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