Tripping on Acid Dreams created by xenonenigma 7 years ago

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Genre: Soul/Funk/Groove Mood: Running/Wild Theme: Movie
[Arpeggio] Juicy Music Box
[Arpeggio] Relaxing Grand Piano
[Chord Voicing] Warm Acoustic Guitar
[Melody] Hollow Echoed Trumpet
[Attack Rhythm] Moderate Brass
[Groove] Sneak
[Effect Percussion] Tap A Little
[2x Fast] Slugfest
[Harmony Counter Melody] Dim String
[Obbligato] Stinky String
[Normal Long Tone] Moog Bass 1
[Complicated] Deep Moog Bass 3

Choosing a groove as I dream the truth that I was tripping in a room full of pelicans flying across my mind's acidic dreams...

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