Nun in the Nuthouse created by DJ Yubikiri 3 years ago

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I used to only see, what I want to see,
believed what I want to believe.
I have locked the baptist
outside of my door before.
I refused him and said,
"What do I need that water for,
when its cleaner in my bathtub?"

I have only taken your bread,
but not your wine
because I was hungry,
not thirsty.
It was convenient
that you offered,
but you asked me
why do I say things
that I don't mean.

Even though you are
trying your best to
preach, somehow, it won't
reach through what I am,
because its hard to love you
when the only thing I see
is you rescuing me.

Its bothersome that
you are always
at the alter, than
in the water, with me.
You have pleaded
to confide in you,
but you have never
understood my guilt of
always seeing things
in my perspective
and never yours.
However, I have always
wanted to see things your way.

No one can ever
love me like you can,
because its like
a religion for you
and for me, its comfort.
It is nice to hear that
I will be forgiven when
I will do the same thing
Next week
Next month
Next year.

Your conviction is so much,
that I am compelled to spend a
nice quiet evening with you
at my place, by the fire place,
over some bread and wine.
We can share a cup and a plate
and let our worlds become
conjoined colored panels on
a stained glass window.

I'm not here to accuse anyone,
but just know that I'm not
putting anyone but me at fault.
I'll try to baptize myself,
but I need you to give me
the clean water I need.


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