To The End Of time created by kamharjones 7 years ago

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Genre: Pop Mood: Running/Wild Theme: Halloween
[Bounce] Dance With Me!
[Chord Voicing] Lyrical Acoustic Guitar 1
[Chord Voicing] Lyrical Newage Piano 1
[Real] Running Fight
[Complicated] Attack Moog Bass 1
[Arpeggio] Dopey Wah Guitar
[Rhythm Theme] Dynamic Euro Synth

I see this as in the beginning the game is a slow start until close to the middle (where the song speeds up) when your actually fighting till the end of the time limit.That's how i got the title of the song.My combat arms character name is -MainEvent_ my rank shows that i'm new, but i'm not I was hacked and my rank used to be a CPT3 so I have been with nexon for a while.I made a new one to avoid being kicked off my account every minute.So I plan on being with Nexon for a while, again.

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