Mr. Skull's Awakening created by Link12 8 years ago

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Genre: Pop Mood: Dark/Heavy Theme: Halloween
[Effect] Mr. Skull
[Normal Long Tone] Electric Bass 2
[Slow Rhythm] Damped Hard Wah Guitar
[Rhythm] Mystic Delayed Synth
[Arpeggio] Alluring Soft Harp
[Melody] Hollow Echoed Trumpet
[Counter Melody] Lazy Viola
[Counter Melody] Lonely Cello
[Rhythm] Tense Spiccato String
[Harmony Counter Melody] Moderated String
[Rhythm] Simple Low Synth
[Moving] Gloomy Pad Synth
[Fast Rhythm] Nervous Piano
[Melody] Liberal Piano
[Chord Voicing] Distant Piano Synth
[Counter Melody] Dreary Soft Lead
[Counter Melody] Gloomy High String
[Harmony Counter Melody] Tense Slow String
[Attack Rhythm] Simple Strings
[Counter Melody] Fascinated Violin
[Rhythm] Hasty Attack String

Here is my song I premade this song about a year ago and now its almost time to unveil it to the ppl on Musicshake so here it is made a few adjustments to it like adding a few more instruments that I thought would fit.


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