Moon Dance created by Jtafil 3 weeks ago

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Genre: Rock/Metal Mood: Etc Theme: Animation
[Real] Fierce Fight
[Real] Running Fight
[Rhythm] Strong Distortion Guitar
[Simple Short Tone] Moog Bass 1
[Melody] Languid Tremolo Guitar
[Melody] Sophisticated Electric Guitar
[Counter Melody] Grand Horn
[Fast Rhythm] Rising Acoustic Guitar 2
[Fast Rhythm] Tense Classic Guitar
[Fast Rhythm] Intense Dist Guitar
[Melody] Cruel Synth Echoed Trumpet
[Melody] Exiting Alto Saxophone
[Fast Rhythm] Tense Resonance Piano
[Fast Rhythm] Passionating Piano

Another post from collection 2

"Just a tad more suave and could probably beat the piss outta you or me in instant"

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May 07 2018
May 14 2018