1000 voices created by Jtafil 2 months ago

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Genre: Rock/Metal Mood: Alone/Lonely Theme: Other
[Effect] A Coin
[Effect] Aborigine
[Chord Harmony] Grave Contrabass
[Chord Harmony] Languid Warm Pad
[Harmony Counter Melody] Outstanding Warm Pad String
[Counter Melody] Distant Soft Bell
[Melody] Languid Tremolo Guitar
[Counter Melody] Appealing Filtered High String
[Rhythm] Serious Dist Guitar
[Chord Voicing] Holy Church Organ
[Rhythm] Sharp Saw Lead
[Counter Melody] Desolate Dark Bell

While the other songs are going to my personal project, I just made this song for fun. This is really to just for me to vent ideas until I come up with my next important song, but I thought I might as well upload it.

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