CREEPING DEATH created by CAB1 5 years ago

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Genre: Rock/Metal Mood: Dark/Heavy Theme: Animation

This song is based off one of my favorite songs by my favorite band evuh known as metallica. The song is called creeping death, The lyrics are based off the first passover from the book of exodus, When the Pharaoh would not release his Hebrew slaves. So god created plauges to the pharaoh and his people, the plauges would stop once the pharaoh released the slaves, but the pharaoh would not let up. The final plauge was the Angel of death, sent by god to kill every first born son.

Be sure to wear headphones, for this song is very bass heavy!!

For those who do not know, i am writing a story here on musicshake. Its about a simple man fighting off a corrupt government. please do read!!!

Chapter one

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Aug 04 2014
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