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Genre: Ballad Mood: Light/Bright Theme: Animation

our lives are ours, we live them our way. we make them how they are. we chose what the absolute best is.

but we need to remember how unpredictable life is. it wont always be the best, but we just need to focus it on making it the absolute best.

you just need to realize, what is the absolute.

This is dedicated to Dinuba870, Jakio, Retardexid, 89ford, Davidk, Gcomet, Soulruler23, Musician1, djsilver, ariyandi, chaoticcandy, chris38, adrylcious, jlee, Mairahmoore, Jaydee123, Neolydus, and most of all, Oeroe2911. you all have been my true friends during my time here and i thank you for that.

Thank you to every single person that has clicked play on one of my songs. being supporeted in that little simple way, it inspires me to get better. and i cant thank you enough for that.

well, this has been one long ass description. tell me what you think of this song.


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